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B.S. Business Administration/Accounting
Wichita State University
B.S. Secondary Education
Wichita State University

Training in Cool:Plex, Access, HTML, Java, Visual Basic.  Classes in People Skills, Time Management, Problem Solving and Project Management. 


Over 23 years of IT experience working on IBM midrange equipment with 9 years using RPG II and III on IBM Systems 34, 36, 38 and AS/400 and 14 years using Synon/2E on the AS/400.   Experience in analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and support of various systems including Order Entry, Inventory Control, Warehousing, Distribution, Electronic Claims,  Marketing, Pension, Medical Records and Health Care, Financial Services, PRMS, a manufacturing MRP package, interfacing AS/400 data with other platforms, including using MQ Series.  Have also been involved in Data Base Design and setting up Data Base Files in Synon/2E models and mentoring people in the effective use of Synon/2E.    


6/98 – Present          Labrador Consulting, Inc., Augusta , KS

President, Programmer/Analyst

Provide software solutions for customers on the AS/400, using Synon/2E, RPG III and Cobol. 

  • 9/03   AdvancePCS, Dallas , TX
    Involved in full life cycle from analysis to unit testing, QA testing and user acceptance testing on a large project to implement alternate member ID’s in place of social security numbers on correspondence to the clients.  My part of the project involved modifying several reports and creating and sending a file on a nightly basis via FTP.

  • 5/03 to 9/03  TIAA-CREF, Charlotte , NC
    Design, code, test and implement enhancements to an accounting system that interfaces with all administrative systems for a financial services company.  First project was to add security to a menu system.  Second was to write a system on the AS/400 to replace a PC system to receive bank lockbox files, using Connect:Direct, convert them into an AS/400 format and allow the users to edit the data and pass it to a cash entry system on the AS/400. 

  • 12/02 to 3/03 AdvancePCS, Dallas TX
    Research, design, code and test  system to create and send flat files to clients, reporting prescription claims paid late in order to calculate interest owed.   All work done in Synon/2E on an AS/400.

  • 7/01 to 1/02 Gulfstream, Dallas , TX  
    Replace pre-printed forms with forms overlays, using Advanced Forms Presentation Utility on the AS/400.  Involved in all phases from designing overlays to research, coding and testing and implementation.  Also research, code, test and implement replacing data queues and job servers by using job queues.   

  • 1/01 – 5/01 Eagle Global Logistics, Houston , TX  
    Help convert and interface data from an AS/400 system, written in Synon/2E, to an Oracle Financials system.  I was responsible for converting and interfacing customers and vendors, which involved several files on the AS/400.  I was involved with the mapping of fields, analysis of the existing system, writing programs to convert and interface the files as well as receive data back from Oracle, working with MQ Series on a detailed basis, protecting fields and screens in the existing system that should not be updated or accessed and finally,  helping to analyze and remove files and functions from the existing system that will no longer be needed.

  • 9/00 – 12/00 Valero Energy, San Antonio , TX
    Provide production support and enhancements to a wholesale marketing system, focusing on invoicing and marketing functions.  Part of the system is written in Synon/2E and part in Cobol on an AS/400.  I am responsible for working with the users, then researching, programming and testing the fixes and enhances.

  • 1/00 – 7/00  American Skandia, Shelton , CT
    Work on team as lead technical resource to research, design, develop, test and train users on enhancement to allow reversal and re-apply of stock transactions in one day that previously took two or three days.  Second phase is to be able to change bad prices on large batches of transactions.  All work done on AS/400, using Synon/2E.

  • 6/98 – 12/99    Omnicare, Inc.,  Cincinnati,OH
    Design and develop enhancements for a Medical Records system for nursing homes, using Synon/2E on the AS/400.  Involved in all phases of project, from design, development, testing, implementation and documentation.

  • 8/97 – 6/98              Cessna Aircraft, Wichita , KS
    Sr. Programmer/Analyst

    Designed and developed enhancements to an accounting and maintenance system for the Cessna Citation Service Centers, using Synon/2E on the AS/400.  Involved in all phases of development cycle.


11/96 – 8/97            Synon, Inc., Oakbrook Terrace , IL
Sr. Team Leader

·         5/97 – 8/97     

Worked as beta site for Synon Thin-Client.  Converted customers’ models, dealt with customers, reported problems to Synon Support and helped with demo’s at customers’ sites.

·         2/97-5/97         State of Missouri , Jefferson City , MO

Helped design and develop a new system for the Workers’ Compensation Department for the State of Missouri , using Synon:2E on the AS/400.   Worked with their I.S. department to develop specifications, then developed and tested functions.

·         11/96 – 2/97    State of Louisiana , Baton Rouge , LA

Helped design and develop a new system for the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System, using Synon:2E on the AS/400.  Expanded on basics specifications to develop functions and test them.


2/96 – 11/96            Independent Software Developer

·         2/96 – 5/96      Olsten-Kimberly Home Healthcare, Inc., Overland Park , KS

Designed, developed and tested enhancements to a home health care system, using Synon:2E on the AS/400.

·         5/96 - 8/96       Comcare, Inc. Phoenix , AZ

Designed, developed and tested enhancements to a mental health care system, using Synon:2E on the AS/400.

·         8/96 – 11/96    Cargill Corporation, Wichita , KS

Designed, developed and tested enhancements to a food distribution system, using Synon:2E on the AS/400.


7/95 – 2/96              Horizon Healthcare, Albuquerque , NM
Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Led team of three people to enhance Claims Processing System.  Designed, developed and tested a paperless claims system, using Synon:2E on the AS/400. 


4/92 – 7/95              Maytag Corporation, Newton , IA
Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Worked on a team preparing to implement PRMS, a manufacturing resource system.  After implementation, helped design and develop functions to interface with and enhance the functionality of PRMS,. Wrote interactive program to allow users to enter a part number and display components used  to make that part or what parts the part entered was a component of.  Then worked on a team to design and develop a new marketing system.  Also helped mentor junior programmers and served on a Synon Standards group.  All development done in Synon:2E on the AS/400.


7/89 – 4/92              Cargill Corporation, Wichita , KS
Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Helped design and develop new Order Entry, Warehousing and Distribution system.  Wrote interactive program to load trucks by stop and take  inventory from  warehouse.  Visited plants to understand needs and help with counting inventory.  After implementation, helped with further enhancements and support of Order Entry and Inventory Control, using Synon:2E on the AS/400.


5/79 – 7/89              Various Companies
S/34, S/36, S/38

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